Curiosity killed my innocence. Overthinking killed my happiness. Insecurities killed my self-esteem. and Lies killed my TRUST. I can be your best friend or your beast adversary. A rebel without a cause. LENZ. CERTIFIED OTAKO. FOREVER YALO. ♥
Elena Lim
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The Wolf and The Lion: Minimalist Yin Yang Inspired T-Shirt Design by the50ftsnail

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robb stark is dead. he was betrayed by his own men.

“I think about a lot but say so little. ~”

AU: Elijah is a Major for the British Army during WWII and he sees Katherine at a club. 

Elijah X Katerina. XDD

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It’s been a while. I welcome myself to tumblr AGAIN. <3

Best Gift Ever!

This is one of the best gift I’ve received in my entire life. 6 pcs of LM books given by my Mommy…

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