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June Reads!

Late post as usual but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, right? So here ya go- MY JUNE READS. It’s not as many as what I did last May, but still above average for me. x

1. Marine For Hire- Tawna Fenske
2. Hold On Tight- Abbi Glines
3. First Drop Of Crimson- Jeaniene Frost
4. Shield- CL Scholey
4. First Grave On The Left- Darynda Jones (Highly Recommended)
5. Second Grave On The Left- Darynda Jones
6. The…

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“Blood is thicker than water.”  

I don’t think so. Only naïve fools would believe that crap. I once was a fool and believed in it. Never again.  For me, “money is thicker than blood.”

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robb stark is dead. he was betrayed by his own men.

“I think about a lot but say so little. ~”

AU: Elijah is a Major for the British Army during WWII and he sees Katherine at a club. 

Elijah X Katerina. XDD

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